“My work consists of discovering the power of a buried meaning. Finding at the same time, a new yet old place, as durable and strong as a stone.”

“Confused urban locations, half suitable, completely erroneous and in all cases, present in their immediacy”.

“A Richard Nonas offering in which lyricism flows through the bed of a dry river”.

Alejandro Luque, El País


At the bed of a dry brook, Richard Nonas used a very subtle and poetic approach in the forest surrounding the NMAC foundation, placing rocks from the nearby quarry along the course of the bed.  River Run – Snake in the Sun is perfectly integrated into the landscape, giving the impression of vestiges even funerary monuments from the past.

The creative tension between the localisation, material and the artist is focused on the production process.  After just two days of concentration, meditation and incessant work, the stones were brought to the site and the artist placed them one by one in the chosen area.  The landscape remained intact following the project’s execution. The production process was fast, although the understanding and meditation on the project itself required a number of days during which the true complexity and the same time the simplicity of the work came to the fore.

“A few stones collected in the surrounding areas, placed in a suitable setting serve to unleash a sense of conceptual complexity full of references”.

Bernardo Palomo, Diario de Jerez