“The situation here is quite particular. There are two apparently very different landscapes: the untouched wilderness, and the manicured order of the golf course. Both spaces are cared for and maintained. It is just that the effort of the labour is not visible in the forest, because the activity is to protect what is there. [… I want to make visible that which would possibly seem unimportant, insignificant.”

Anya Gallaccio.




This specific project was produced at NMAC between April and June, 2001.

Spring, shows us its most exuberant side with all varieties of wild flowers and plants. In the next months, all this splendour will disappear, giving way to the dryness of the summer, where the ochre shades and the dry plants take over the surroundings, in this mediterranean forest. This is when the area, chosen by Anya emerge as a small, carpeted oasis in the middle of such aridness. In Verdant, the flower carpet radiate colour, and in Green, the plants carpet invite you to sit on it, next to the pine cones and the bronze pine. For Ever, came out as the pine cones of these conifers are a continual source of fertility and life for the survival of these woods. Four years of gestation and growth are necessary for the pine cones to fall to the ground and provide their harvest. To smelt them in bronze, one by one, is a tribute to this fruit that maintains the balance of the forest.