2001 Catalogo


Glasgow (Scotland), 1963. Lives and works in London.

Anya Gallaccio is one of the most important artists of the 90’s British art scene although she has managed to keep herself independent from the ‘Young British Artists’ movement.

Anya’s main interest lies in the process of change of the materials used. This is the reason why her works usually turn in to events more than being static art objects. For her pieces, Anya uses materials such as chocolate, ice, apples, flowers or plants, all of which allow her to explore the different processes of decay, melting, or other organic alterations. In this sense, her art parts from two fundamental reference points: one of creation, the other destruction. As other artists related to Art Povera, Anya’s works are limited in time, reminding us of the theatre play. In this way, she breaks the concept of the material possession of art, which has always been so related to today’s consumer society.

Gallaccio has shown intensively both at home and abroad in both mayor International group exhibitions and made solo projects for the Serpentine Gallery in London.