The NMAC Foundation was created as a point of interaction withit’ssocial, cultural and geographical context. Following the current model for a relational based institution, the project was conceived as a mediating museum, committed to supporting contemporary artists on site-specific projects which promote social dialogue and understanding through art.
The significance of a management model of a relational institution is linked to how the established connections with diverse social groups, their interests and their potential participation is defined.
The Foundation works as an experimental institution in the public arena where various projects have been developed that promote the existence of art in the public sphere. AT NMAC we understand relational management as a space for art that exploresnew forms of social interaction. We look for ways in which art can make a significant contribution throughit’s own specific nature.
The collection is made up of more than 40 site-specific projects, created by national and internationally renowned artists, such as  Gregor Schneider, Susana Solano, Marina Abromovic’, Adel Abdessemed, Pilar Albarracín, Cristina Lucas, Maja Bajevic, Maurizio Cattelanabd James Turrell to name but a few.
One of the aims of the The Foundation is to promote the development of young creators who are emerging on to the artistic scene and offer them the opportunity to exhibit alongside other internationally recognized artists.In this way the foundation serves as a stepping stone for artists who havenever before had the opportunity to exhibit in Spain.
The curation of the collection is based on the idea of presenting images that allow the viewer the chance to lose themselves for a whilein imagining parallel worlds, and in this way find links and connections with the real world in which they live.