“I need to consider what surrounds me, above all when I am in doubt and I can’t explain myself”.

“Creating a specific piece is a slow process. I have observed the surrounding natural environment and I follow the place’s atmosphere, but I don’t have an idea. In general it’s very slow. It has to be allowed to take its own direction”.
Susana Solano

“They are made keeping in mind the size of the human body, and invite penetration into their very depths, in contrast with some of Solano’s other more hermetic designs, only accessible through sight”.

“A work which acts on our feelings to a large extent and engenders a strong synesthesic charge”.
Aurora García
Aurora García


The work of Susana Solano is primarily focused on the art of sculpture using materials such as lead, iron and metallic meshing.  In her work, strict geometric guidelines full of metaphors are combined in sensual, fluid forms.  Some of her works recycle apparently useful objects which obtain a further significance in the personal language of the artist.

“Incense” and “Myrrh” are two huts, located close to each other in the middle of the forest, wrapped in metallic meshing forming a type of lattice.  They are man-sized structures, such that one can enter them and consider the realms of their possibilities. In addition, the metallic meshing allows the visitor to observe the landscape surrounding the two sculptures provoking a sense of lightness and transparency.

The place where the work is located is a clearing which is reached through a narrow tunnel of bushes, reminding us of huts from our childhood, in the middle of the forest, where one was able to submerge oneself in a world of never-ending dreams and stories