His works, objects, installations, sculptures, videos, photography and publications are formed by objects from daily life, that have normally already been used, abandoned and rejected by society. When recycling these objects, Pascale Marthine Tayou gives the objects a new life with the aim of reversing the degradation process. He refers to his projects as “collective works”, like a total summary of his journeys and the findings and experiences derived from them. “I leave others the possibility to comment. In my opinion art is simply a form of communication”

Pascale Marthine Tayou built, guided by the idea that generosity can build the world and that opposites should seek out the other side of themselves so that discourses can be more than empty words, Plansone Duty free, a futurist architecture filled with objects from Cameroon, and other cast-offs from everyday life found in the province of Cadiz.  Our universal heritage is built on migratory flows, out of the things that surround us, the ones that accumulate.  Human beings are themselves a potential force and should, therefore, share their gifts in the course of the history of coexistence. Plansone Duty Free acts as a mechanism to erase the borders separating hope from despair, riches from poverty, which shows part of the ugliness in beauty and part of the misery in happiness, making the pros and cons that emergence under the appearance of a perfect coexistence live together under the same roof.