PLAN – ZONE – 2006

A self-trained artist, Pascale Marthine Tayou learned his art mainly from the streets in both his home country and the rest of the world. He defines himself as a “producer” of things that proclaim freedom, and he also believes that art cannot be separated from life.
His works in the form of objects, installations, sculptures, videos, photographs, and publications recompiled in many cases everyday objects, which normally have already been used, abandoned, and rejected by society. When recycling these objects, Tayou gives them a new life with the aim of reversing the decaying process. He refers to his projects as “collective works,” like the total sum of his journeys and the findings and experiences derived from them. “I leave others the possibility to comment. In my opinion, art is simply a form of communication.” In Plan – Zone, Tayou establishes a metaphor about the idea of the trip and of immigration. Through the fishing nets, obstacles and travelling bags, where the many occidental cities and represented, he submerges the spectator in the difficulties of a trip without return in the search of the dream for a better life in the western world.