Testigos / Witnesses


Her work is strongly influenced by our most recent history using concepts such as collective identity, destiny, tragedy, construction and deconstruction of history, ideology and sociology. Her works act as a catalyst creating stories that make reference to memory and identity, which demands the audience’s attention in order to understand the subtlety of its language.
Sculpture for the Blind / Le voyage deals with the same theme of local immigration with global implications, the scars left by a journey with no return, a journey into the unknown, in which the only elements of survival are the need, and the dream, to achieve a better life.  Just like a blind person, we need to be guided through this installation, moving deeper into a universe where the other senses orientate us, in order to recognise our surroundings.

Like the immigrant, viewers find themselves faced with the unknown, with the confusion of not knowing, in a room where everything is dark, in which only smell, touch, and intuition can lead us to discover the video where the images appear—images of the journey, of the objects and the dreams lost amongst the waves of the Straits of Gibraltar.