“Like in our library or living room, we will settle ourselves in the centre, the trophy which, in another time of our lives, restricted our freedom to think or act, which threatened our desire for peace and harmony.”

“It is also a cry of victory over established power, over the strength and control of the system, where in the end, the songs of the birds and the whisper of the sea prevail”.

Jimena Blázquez


The majority of the works and project undertaken by Fernando Sánchez Castillo up to now have taken the form of toys and games which require a complicity of interaction with the public.  His project for NMAC is based on a riot van situated in the middle of a pond in the form of a fountain.  The artist transformed the use of riot vans, relating to repression and power, and converted it into an aesthetic, decorative object, a fountain in a lake.

His work reflects on the historical past and the symbols of power, in addition to the different forms of monitoring and control which this power has imposed.  Sánchez Castillo uses his work as a tool to experiment with behavioural process such as the fascination that violence and destruction engender in human beings.
Therefore this work holds new realities which through criticism and irony act as catalysts, in an attempt to help us better understand the reality in which exist, the contradictions through which we live.