Testigos / Witnesses


Jaén, 1973. Lives and works in Madrid

Cristina Lucas began her studies in Madrid where she obtained her degree in Fine Arts, later adding to this with an MFA from the University of California Irvine.  Subsequently she worked as the coordinator of the art channel Kataweb, then returning to Madrid to undertake studies in cultural management  and in 2003 entered the International Studio and Curatorial Program in New York.

In her works the artist discusses themes such as indignation, recovering a sense of amazement and the broadening of points of view beyond intimacy and mundane routine, in recognition of the fact that public issues often invade the realms of our private life.

Cristina Lucas interprets the cultural and political stereotypes as obstinate, unsuccessful negotiations with transcendence, which are lost under the pretence of renewing the link between purity, beauty and truth yet without any active intervention to this effect.

Through her particular satirical style, the artist documents the integral communicative defects endured by art, even when it abandoned the pretence of secrecy embraced by it during modernism, its statute of “high culture”.

Current exhibitions

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