The principal means used by LeWitt are mural painting and sculpture however, amongst his vast artistic contributions one also finds furniture, photographs and paper and canvas paintings.  Sol LeWitt creates elegant forms which evoke the artificial and the natural. With these forms and the colours selected he achieves a balance between order and disorder. One of these structural forms materialised in 2001 in a project which the artist undertook for the NMAC Foundation. One of these structural forms “Cinderblock” is a staggered pyramid using concrete cubes and situated in an esplanade within an extension of the forest where the institution is located.

To ensure the correct execution of this work he relied on the supervision of an architect due to the project falling between the categories of sculpture and architecture.

This construction breaks with the traditional schemes of landscape, drawing us into a structural world of different dimensions and perspectives. His ambitious proportions adapt perfectly to the environment competing with the majesty of the trees and the landscape.