“Our idea was to make something which had something to with us and was not a monument which would be seen straight away, but instead would have to be sought out, looking upwards to find it”.

“There is practically not one single work in which the Rosado brothers do not appear represented by alter egos in ink and gouache, sculpture or photography”.

Juan Vicente Aliaga


The works of MP & MP Rosado investigate the relationships between identity and difference.  They are inspired by a theoretical yet profoundly essential interest, because as they themselves recognise, their work is conditioned by the fact that they are twin brothers, a fact which has brought them to experiment a sense of permanent duality in their daily life, being one and the other at the same time.

“Ridiculous sequence” are two terracotta sculptures hung between the branches of a pine tree which represent two people seated and applauding.  Each wears a mask which is a self-portrait of the artists.  This is accompanied by the sound of applause which is heard at regular intervals.