“The synchrony between a radio broadcast and the action of unfreezing involves endowing with originary value an action which slowly moves towards an end: words that disappear in the heat of words; and their ruins will be only water, which will seek new destinations amongst the cracks, in the grass, the earth.”

Jorge Casanova


 In his work, architecture, painting and sculpture are intermingled with the aim of showing, as he says, “world aesthetics and a way of symbolically valuing objects and their relations with users”.

Part of the local multiculturalism of the Andalusian territory is due to the relationship between Spanish Andalusia and Moroccan Andalusia.  Jesús Palomino, with the projects Antifreeze and 8 Radio Broadcast works with the complicity of these two neighbouring regions, with their contrasts, their similarities, and their ties. In 8 Radio Broadcast, his guests from both sides of the Straits will be the protagonists, giving witness and expounding on their experiences during a show on the local Vejer de la Frontera radio station, whilst also involving the entire community.  From another viewpoint, and within the same line of action, Palomino has created Anticongelante, an ephemeral construction made with a freezer case, where the word ‘history’ appears in Spanish, and ‘friendship’ in Arabic.  Over the course of the exhibition, the words will slowly melt, fusing together as they dissolve in the sunlight.  The union of these words will be part of a gesture towards the process of bringing together both cultures, the fruit of respect, understanding, and mutual appreciation.