“Tu sonrisa canta con el alto y bajo de mi voz. Tu mirada acaricia mi esperanza.”


LOVE  STORIES 2004 – 2007

The works of Aleksandra Mir have been described as social processes open to everything which wishes to give them significance, such that they become an exercise in pleasant, humanistic socialisation which is introduced into the daily lives of all who participate.  The course of events for her public projects normally begins with a proposal by the artist, which serves as a link between the individual activities and the place where the work is situated.  Based on this signal the exchange of opinions extends to other more general concepts such as traditions, models and categorisation.

With Love Stories, Aleksandra Mir reopens a social process, converting her work into an exercise of humanist socialisation, in which we all participate as witnesses and as protagonists.  Her compilation of a thousand love stories from every corner of the planet, interwoven within the territorial context of a Mediterranean wood where each testimony will have its own tree, is a way of establishing ties between the global (love) and the local, the trees, as receptors and guardians of these stories. Once compiled and carved the hearts into the pine trees, the thousand love stories will be published in a book, presenting a portrait of a multicultural society through emotional experiences;private space, the most intimate, exhibited in a public setting, making manifest the sentiments of human nature, beyond geographic, idiomatic, cultural, and traditional distances.