2001 Catalogue

THE TRIP 2002 – LA NOCHE 1002 – LUNARES 2001

Pilar Albarracín breaks with the conventions associated with Spanish topics always showing the influence of her Andalusian roots, as in her performance given at the NMAC Foundation in 2001, entitled “Dots”. To explore its objectives, the artist employs her body and image. As a result, the performance becomes another means by which to break with the conventionalism of customs and national traditions.

The Night 1002 is a video-performance which deals with the myth of Sherezade and the paradox between the exoticism of Arab culture and the reality of the women subject to the restraints of Muslim fundamentalism. In this performance three adaptations of three photographs were produced (the artist on top of a yellow car as if she were a package, facing the beach and a line of cacti; belly-dancing with chains; and belly-dancing wearing a richly ornamented costume).

In the performance “Dots” the artists is dressed as a flamenco dancer and “adds” the dots to the costume by piercing her body with pins causing it to bleed. This took place on the NMAC Foundation’s inauguration night at the Montenmedio estate.